No sound on iOS

I’ve ported my WP7 games to Android and iOS. One thing I’ve discovered is that there is no sound on the iOS port.

The games use WAV SoundEffectInstances (I’ve not tried the games with background music yet). These work fine on Android but the same code is not playing FX on iOS. I’ve tried converting the files from WAV to OGG format but this doesn’t work either - the game stays silent. No error are thrown when the SFX are loaded (using Content.Load<>() as usual)

Maybe it’s related to Phone music while app running which is another problem I have (I’ve not tried the fix yet)…? But that’s a bit of a reach.

Wav files should work on iOS. Try convert them to .xnb using the MGCB tool and see if that helps.

Something like this should do it:

mono mgcb.exe /platform:iOS /build:mysound.wav

Yes - it’s not the WAVs. The link I posted to the other thread (about background music) seems to have cured it, but as I don’t understand why, I don’t fully trust it…