not correct Bounds size on iphone5,always 480x320...

I had set up supported orientations to DisplayOrientation.LandscapeRight, also set in the info.plist file.
And set the PreferredBackBufferWidth.
But still not work on my device( iphone 5).
The device always showed the wrong size 480x320.
I tried to go into the file iOSGameWindow.cs.
The property named ClientBounds seems to be not right.

var bounds = _viewController.View.Bounds;
var scale = _viewController.View.ContentScaleFactor;

The scale is 2.0 which is right.But the bounds is not the iphone5’s size.

So, anyone had met this problem before?

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You need to put a splash screen supporting the iPhone 5 resolution in your package (Default-568h@2x.png) in order to support the widescreen resolution. If that file isn’t there, iOS will fall back to the traditional resolution.


That works ! Thank you anyway.

@Nezz I had the exact same problem and this also solved it for me. Thanks!