Nvidia Nsight

Is there someone who was able to get Nsight working with MonoGame? I heard it is possible but no success so far, quite frustrating (if I wouldnt heard that it can work I would probably think it wont ever work with .net, but well…)

I compile shaders for debug, using VS 2013, newest Nsight, is there something I might be missing?

Oh and ofc I tried to run debug in x64 and x86 not “Any processor”

To be more specific x64 results in win32exception, x86 in Nsight unexpected crash.

Alright, so after asking around Nvidia community I´ve learned that Nsight doesnt with with managed code, in that case what tool can I use to debug drawcalls and shader while working with monogame framework?

I´ve had long dialog over past few days with one of Nsight developers, managed code is not official support but binaries will work, issue is, they wont… in 4.6. upcoming version should fix the issue. My workaround is to use older version, I found version 3.2.2 and version 4.2. to be working (while 4.2 works quite a bit better, frame profiler for example).