On screen stats from my graphic card vanish my draw function

Hi, my basic game works fine but if I activate “EVGA Precision” (a tool which displays your fps, usage of the graphic card, …) my draw function don’t draw anything. It remains a blue screen (from “graphics.GraphicsDevice.Clear (Color.CornflowerBlue);”). Someone has an idea to avoid this? Didn’t happen in any other game.

Would you please create a brand new app and without changing anything in the code, just test this app with that EVGA Precision?! Just to make sure it is Monogame-related issue and the problem is not in your settings.

Edit: sry, I just realised that you need something to draw, but dont use any unnecessary code, just some simple basic, hard-coded stuff, or add a break point to your draw and see what happens when you run/dont run the EVGA Precision.