Physics anyone?


I am really new for MonoGame and trying to create a basic game for testing. And after an hour search i realised there is no physics engine in MonoGame.

I tried to use Farseer but looks like i can’t use it on WP8. So, i wanted to ask this.

What are you guys using for your physics engine needs ? I mean, i was thinking to develop a simple nailboard game but it looks like i need to write a mini physics engine for that.

Farseer should work fine. You may have to build it from source specifically or tweak the project settings to use with MonoGame, but others have used it successfully.

Really there is no need to write a physics engine.

I tried to build it with Visual Studio but all i got was a silverlight dll.

I don’t get it work with it.

Will look for more and try to build again.


Can anyone explain how to get Farseer on WP8 ?

PS .:. I finaly get things work. Wow. Loving it :smiley:

Can you tell us what your problem was and how you fixed it? That will help others that search for the same thing and find this thread.

I am going to write a blog post about it.

"How to start game developing with Monogame + Farseer + Visual Studio ".

Cool… tweet at MonoGameTeam when it is up.

I got it all working again.

Continuing to writing a blog post about it.