Pixel art is blurry when scaled up

I started learning MonoGame three days ago, so I am very new. I am trying to scale up my pixel art to make it visible, but then I get blurry pixel art. Here’s my code for drawing:

spriteBatch.Draw(texutre, new Vector2(100f), null, Color.White, 0f, new Vector2(texture.Height / 2, texture.Width / 2), 10f, SpriteEffects.None, 0f);

With scaling:

Without scaling:

Does anyone know how to make it crisp?. Again I’m new to this, so sorry if it’s obvious.

Hey, check your SpriteBatch.Begin call. Is your SamplerState set to PointClamp?

That worked, thanks!

This really needs to be in an FAQ or something :sweat_smile: