Playing video in Monogame 3.2 for Windows

I’m trying to use VideoPlayer in Monogame 3.2, but the class doesn’t seem to exist. I’ve downloaded the latest build off the website and I’m using a monogame project in Visual Studio.

I’ve searched around for an answer and haven’t found much. Is it possible to play video?

I have a feeling I’ve already answered the same question: develop monogame 3.2 videoplalyer video option Be sure that you are using the directx version and not the opengl version. Also you can download the newest monogame from: > Development Builds > MonoGame for Visual Studio instead of using the dll files from the archive since they are a little outdated.

I actually saw this and tried to run the example, but I got the same error as the OP:

“HRESULT: [0x80004002], Module: [General], ApiCode: [E_NOINTERFACE/No
such interface supported], Message: No such interface supported”

You didn’t replace the references with the newer ones… install the newest version of monogame from above method, it should solve it for you.

I’m going to try installing the develop version of Monogame and see where that takes me.

I’ll admit I’m a little confused with this line:

" To use them simply remove monogame.framework, tao.sdl, opentk…
references from the project, and replace them with the ones from the
archives. "

because the only references are System, System.XML, and Monogame.Framework.

I’ve also attempted to simply download the latest source code and run protobuild, then build Monogame.FrameworkWindows to add the reference, but I get a few errors about Topology namespace missing along with a few others.

I’m -very- new to Monogame, I was developing in XNA for a few years before switching over, and it’s a little jarring.

  1. Disregard tao.sdl and opentk, they are only on linux

  2. You probably didn’t download the dependencies:

The video playback works with the current Develop version of Monogame. Thank you!