Please introduce yourself

hi, dylan and friends. sorry for my english.
…monogame.extended is awesome.
i was thinking to code ghost & goblins , amstrad cpc 8 bits version.
Your library with tiled support was my strengh to start writing.
The game is in early development too, in c# with visual studio 2015
you can see the first level (TILED) with movement here:

there in my youtube channel i have others remakes of amstrad games and some experiments, jaja.

i like monogame

i love monogame.extended.

i would like monogame with xamarin in project templates in visual studio free ;-DD

regards and thanks for your awesome and hard job, dylan.


Thanks so much @adolfito :slight_smile: The game is looking awesome.

Hi my name is Conor Stephens. I have been programming for the last 3 years and have wrote a couple of C++ games I have just fell in love with C# through Xamarin and I cannot wait to make cool games with Monogame and Monogame Extended. :slightly_smiling:

@Taikatou Cool games on your website :slightly_smiling: C# is a very nice language and it’s getting even better now that Microsoft made Xamarin free yay! :smile: Looking forward to seeing what games you make next.

Hi! I’m Jasper De Sutter (or ExCellRaD). I’m really interested in this project and I really want to help out. I love playing 2D games and I love coding in c# so Monogame Extended is perfect for me. :smiley:

I want to help make this extension support everything 2D related out there, especially Spine right now (that stuff is amazing :slight_smile: )

Things I would want to see accomplished in the (near?) future: adding full support for animations (already started working on this), drawing textures using 2D mesh (including normal maps and more), drawable curves and shapes with curves (for things like fonts) and combining all of those together with entities!

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Hello there! I’m the local Icecream Burglar. Always running from the police. I’m < 18, started programming when I was about 8.
Special thanks to VS2010(/'08)'s intellisense and, never would have learned without them. Since then I’ve moved onto c#, f#, python and ruby. But still using VS’10(:ultimate). When I need to use up-to-date frameworks, I use the Xamarin Studio.
My primary interests in software are game development and language-design. Although I’ve never actually finished a game ;). I plan to use monogame.extended in my next project, and thus am familiarizing myself with it now via a few demo-games.

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Welcome @ExCellRaD. I agree, Spine is awesome :slightly_smiling:
and @Icecream-burglar. I love you’re intro. Haha :slightly_smiling:

Hey Dylan,

I was playing around with the MonoGame.Extended and was pretty impressed by this particular demo:

I’m also very much interested in the ViewportAdapter because I feel like it really makes a game feel much more polished with the screen size being adjustable to whatever the end user is using. I also like the idea of showing more of the map if you have more available resolution, like with a large monitor.

I have not yet played with Astrid, but I was fiddling around with some animation yesterday which I posted about on my website:

While I’m still a n00b gamedev, I bought the ebook and have been going thru the U of Colorado Coursera class. Back when I was doing web dev I did work on a pretty big client/server app with C#, so although that was a decade ago, C# feels right at home for me.

I’ve been playing with Unity and like aspects of it, but I’m the type of person that likes having a lot of creative control and not having to rely too much on closed box third-party stuff. While MonoGame feels like way more work than Unity, it also feels more flexible and rewarding.

I’m wanting to build a little engine for making card games, so I’m doing that by working on an open source clone of the classic windows solitaire game:

I’d really like to figure out a better drag-and-drop solution than the one I’m currently using. So that is my task for the immediate future. It would be awesome to be able to just attach a drop event listener to a sprite object. And to attach a mouse event listener to an object to make it draggable. It seems you have a drag option on your input listener so I’m going to try playing with that code next.

Anyway, I pledged to your Patreon. I’d like to contribute to what you’re doing because it seems aligned with some of the goals I have of coming up with a good workflow for the types of games I want to make. I’m also interested in making MonoGame a bit more accessible to people and more feature-rich. Anyway, hit me up on Facebook, I’d like to work with you. I haven’t had much luck finding open source projects I could contribute to, but I’ve been looking for something I could help with since I have plenty of time on my hands atm.

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Thanks so much for the pledge :smiley: If anyone else is looking for my Patreon page it’s here :wink:

I don’t have plenty of time on my hands but I do like contributing to open source projects :slight_smile: I’d be very happy to work with you on your open solitaire project whenever I can.


I am Steve Naidamast. I had been working in corporate development since 1974, making me one of the older people here. I retired at the end of 2014 but not from development. After 42 years of doing corporate applications I wanted to do something different. I started by completing a commercial software product begun in early 2014 for developers using SQL Server but found that in the current environments, “cottage industry” software is no longer easy to sell. So I decided to turn my attention to what I have always wanted to do; develop one of the hardest game types around, a turn-based strategic war game.

I have started development using MonoGame but also tried out FlatRedBall for the gui support. I feel more comfortable using a framework like MonoGame but the people at FlatRedBall are very helpful as well. I am looking forward to trying out Monogame.Extended for the interface features.

Right now I am developing the basic routines for a generic tile-map engine using hexagons. I have some of it working but am looking to learn how to scroll a map that is larger than the displayed screen. I am around half-way through the algorithms so I should have something to test in the next day or two.

My ultimate goal is to re-create the Avalon Hill war game, “1776”. In my opinion it is one of the best games that Avalon Hill created back in the day. I hope to add far more interesting AI making it a true strategic game of the American Revolution. Part of the AI I want to build is the ability to set it with the intent that England decided to support her effort more forcefully demonstrating that in reality the Americans really never had a chance. It was simply pure luck… :slightly_smiling:

@Steve_Naidamast Cool story and I love the game idea. I may be little younger than you (born 1980) but I do like strategy games and that sounds like a game I might actually like to play :slightly_smiling:

Welcome to the community.

Hello , my name is Tanakhon Kaewkunha, 22 years old,
I just finished Information Engineer from a university in Thailand.

So , I’m so sorry for my bad at english when i ask some questions on topic.

I want to reply some one but i afraid to make people more confused.That is my fault.

I’m start coding when i 19 - 20 years old. My programming skill is not good but i really interest in GAME dev, I want to make my own game and i hope it will be a good game.

Btw .I have been working as Game Developer in some game company in Bangkok Thailand for just 2 weeks.
So many thing i don’t know. The company do not using monogame , they are using Unity3d and there own engine.

But i like MonoGame for first time i met. I don’t know why but … i just like it.
When i have free time i’am going to learn monogame.
I have been learning on Monogame for 2 months .

I have found Monogame Extended for a month ago. it seem easier dev.

I have try each demo by copy and paste. Some demo is worked but some is not. i dont know why.
Anyway, Is monogame.Extended on developing?
If is it ,i will follow until finish.

Finally, i’ll be glad, if some one make begining tutorial about using monogame.Extended.

I’m very happy when reading other developer story in here. It feel like i have friends who have the same dream

Nice to know you all.
Thank you.

Hi all

@Tanakhon_Kaewkunha No worries about your English, and please don’t apologies for it, it’s way better than my other languages (which I speak none of) and when we see your posts no matter where you’re from we will of course try to help, I’ve found this community very helpful and will try and return the favour where I can.

Anyway, onto me… Hmm… ok I’m an old fart, born in 1970 and first got into gaming in the late 70’s with Atari 2600 and then the Commodore 64, I then moved onto PC gaming in 86 and have been with PCs ever since - personally hate PS/Xbox, but that is for another time. I started developing / messing around with the C64.

Development - I got into what was know as Play By Mail industry back in the late 80’s through 90’s as a game developer/designer though nothing graphical - as the name says it’s by MAIL - so all paper based, but the games are multiplayer type games various types - our main one was a fantasy war game.

Moving forward to now - I’m a software developer for a large UK software house working on warehouse/supply software, by night I game. As I’m such an old fart now I feel my game development days are behind me as the younger people are so much more talented than I am in the new tech (I don’t even own a smart phone - no need for one) and porting monogame over to other platforms is at the moment beyond me.

I started looking at XNA last year, but then found monogame and signed up here, done some playing around with it but nothing much, redone the “flappy bird” game, and also one I called “Crazy Balls” - which was basically started out as a tutorial of bouncing a ball on the screen and moving it with cursor keys, I then added a couple of layers of scenery (trees in the foreground, mountains in the background) and floating things for the ball to pick up. I then “gave up” finding that after working all day, I couldn’t really be bothered at night, just prefer to play. Well, a few months later and I’m thinking about giving it another shot, found the Lidgren network library and been playing around with that, got a basic “console” game working with it so I’ve now come up with a basic game design to try and do for the fun of it - nothing to sell.

The game I’ve come up with is basically a tank shooting game (which I loved in the late 70s on the Atari - link below), but I’ve added some of my own twists to it, e.g. custom tank design, terrain features, and 2-4 players only (no AI). Hopefully doing this and using the Lidgren network library and using what I’ve already learned about monogame I can come up with something. Who knows.

Wow I’ve gone on way to long - so to sum up - HI all, great to meet you all, and what a great community this is - and thanks for all the help in the recent weeks with the questions I’ve had recently.

As for Monogame Extended - @craftworkgames - Great job on that, I’ve not really taken a big look at it, downloaded and viewed some of the demos, but due to lack of documentation or more detailed demos, I’m putting it on hold for now. I might take another look once I’ve done a game with the basic Monogame.

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Hey all,

My name’s Ben, and I’m a 24 year old consultant / software developer. I’ve been learning about so many different types of development since graduation - iOS, web dev, sitecore, hybrid apps…the list goes on. Since the day my folks bought me my first Gameboy, I’ve loved gaming. I’ve also loved the idea of game development, as I really love software dev, but I’ve never made it too far. My biggest achievement is publishing a game to the iOS app store that I developed by myself. I’ve also tinkered around with Unity, Unreal, and SFML to create goofy little games or create cool environments.

After purchasing and playing Stardew Valley recently, I became so inspired by how its creator managed to create something so beautiful all by himself. Now I do have a full time job, so I won’t have nearly as much time to devote to game dev as ConcernedApe did - but it made me want to give this another shot, and got me really excited about it. I researched the toolset he used, and learned about XNA, which lead me here.

For the last 2 weeks, I came up with an idea with a friend of mine that I’m super excited about, and MonoGame Extended has come surprisingly naturally to me. I’ve been able to get Tiled maps working, collisions, and have coded some pretty well fleshed-out animations and movement. I’m stoked.

Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for the awesome work you’re putting into this library. It rocks, and I’m looking forward to hopefully contributing to this awesome community!


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Hi, my name is Nate Howard and I’m a software engineeer in MInnesota, USA

I have a C++ background and I created (Stick Knights Online is a 2d platformer orpg for windows and it used to be on linux but development has kinda stopped these days)

I use C# .NET nowadays so I thought MonoGame was a good fit. MonoGame.Extended is looking very appealing to me and I want to make it my goal to help with documentation.

I am going to make a game with MonoGame (first day of trying it out has been AWESOME!)

Well, I’m late to this thread, but better ever than never.

My name is Josip Matić and I’m 25 years old student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. Since youth I had a passion for video games and saw video game development as my “dream work”, so I looked to start learning as soon as I could.

I’ve started about 10 years ago with… WarCraft 3’s World Editor, actually, by creating my own heroes, units, spells and maps. Then I learned of QBASIC and started with programming there, switching later to VB.NET and XNA Framework, doing minor games as a mean of practice. Few years later I switched to C# and sticked with it and XNA, until half year ago when I tried to make a switch to C++ and cocos2d-x; however, I didn’t like the framework and felt too restricted to it, so I returned back to C#, but this time Monogame.

I stumbled upon Monogame.Extended here on Monogame Community after @craftworkgames mentioned in one thread he’d been working on GUI; after checking out the list of features, I though it’s perfect replacement for my own crappy code as I implemented a lot of things (like sprites and screen management) myself. Initial testing of features left a massive impression on me, so I decided to give it a go with not only using, but contributing as well.

Currently, I have one active project - a turn-based strategy RPG (like Fire Emblem) in collaboration with few friends. Right now, it’s still in very early development, so no screenshots.
Besides that, I had various games whose development kinda phased out halfway through (at the point of massive debugging and graphical updates, with the former being frustrating and latter not being my area), of which most notable are a rework of NES game Battle City and a simplistic get-to-the-end arcade game, both which could use a good rewrite with Monogame and Monogame.Extended.

I hope I’ll be able to contribute, as compared to many others here, I’m still a newbie when it comes to programming despite working with C# for 6 years.

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Late to the party. I stumbled over MonoGame.Extended last year some time and have played around with it for months. Lately I’ve got back to get some new games going with MonoGame and want to heavily invest in the Extended library just because I fully believe and support this type of thing.

I’m Bil Simser and a software architect and developer with a utility company in Alberta and have been programming for 30+ years. Over that time I’ve worked on some commercial games, commercial game tools (The Sims, Doom/Quake, Railroad Tycoon II, Mageslayer, Blood, etc.) and written my own games and apps (that are collecting dust in the various app stores). Back in the DirectX days I worked and managed a DX wrapper we called CDX (which resulted in writing a book about it). The wrapper was very much like MonoGame.Extended (although written in C++) that provided a bunch of utility classes to hide all the nasty DirectX crap (CDXSprite, CDXScreen, etc.) and let developers focus on games and not frameworks.

Besides the various games and apps I have out there I probably have 100+ projects sitting on the hard drive. I love the old school games like Ultima, Wizardry, and all those arcade games, growing up with them, and I’m always looking to build yet-another-8bit-retro-clone game for fun. I once built a game (not released) using my CDX library called SlugMan which was for Bill Amend’s Foxtrot comic. This was based on Joust (which was based on the original public domain Glypha II code) I created for the Windows platform. Yet another project that has yet to see the light of day.

Anyway I’m happy that this project exists and hopefully will amp up my participation. At least I can contribute more documentation as I’m going through things building out my latest game (that may never get released) and finding all kinds of things that should be shared.

Happy game programming everyone!


Hi! Documentation would be appreciated!

I’ve been considering trying it out, but I’m unsure of all the basic things like pros and cons, how to interact with it, demands and limitations, what the learning time investment is… All those considerations that are hard to gauge from the outside.

I guess its a compliment to monogame, that I have a hard time imagining or even understanding what could be missing in vanilla :slight_smile:

Hey @monopalle

I completely understand that documentation is an issue. Writing good documentation is not easy, it’s actually quite a lot of work.

However, we do already have quite a community around MonoGame.Extended.

You can definitely create great games with vanilla MonoGame. No doubt.

Some of the reasons people use MonoGame.Extended include:

If you don’t want to use it as a library, just have a poke through the code. You’ll probably find something you can use in your games. After all, we’re all just here to make great games! :smile:


Hi Guys, I am just starting out with Monogame and I must say this is exciting.

I have spent about the last decade using a procedural basic language for game design. This was a lot of fun and I made some interesting studies(but no finished games:cry:) recently a friend of my began showing me C# and being a professional programmer, he was able to help me bridge the gap between proceedural and object oriented programming. after a few months playing with C# I really do not want to go back to basic. the thing I liked about Darkbasic was the ease with which you can create a project, I am searching for the same thing but within the C# environment. I found Monogame and it seems promising. I still have a learning curve ahead of me but I am up for it. It is nice to see there is a community here supporting users and sharing and helping. I think I am going to like it here. Anyway, this is me. Nice to eventually chat with you all.

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