How to draw the sequence of points?
The way like PrimitiveType.PointList XNA is necessary

I managed to get it done by modified the monogame source as below.




how to use? just change PrimitiveType as pointList

This is actually very cool and something monogames been missing for a long time.
Albeit because no one took the time to add it in but probably everyone and there brother noticed it.

Maybe if you can post some screen shots and add a little detail to alay concerns that this really works without breaking anything. Then you could also post to github issues a suggestion to show how to add it into the main branch.

Yea, in XNA I used them to render particles, shame it’s not in MG

AFAIK XNA 3.1 had PrimitiveType.Point but XNA 4 didn’t. Same for point sprites (particles) IIRC point sprites were no longer supported in DX10+. I don’t know why they removed PrimitiveType.Point though.

MG tries to be XNA 4 compliant, that’s probably why there isn’t a PrimitiveType.Point : it’s not even in the XNA 4 documentation.

EDIT: BTW, the XNA 3.1 -> 4 cheatsheet ( http://www.nelsonhurst.com/xna-cheatsheet/ ) says to use PrimitiveType.LineList instead of PointList. It is possible that using LineList duplicating the points is enough to render points without modifying MG. I haven’t tested it though.