Possibility of shaders working differently in the future for easy compilation on any plaform

As a mac user, shader compilation continues to be kinda painful. I’ve figured out how to do it (using a wine command), but I’m hesitant to make it part of my main build process, so I haven’t ended up exploring shader usage very much in my game. I just wonder if there is a different way that shaders can be compiled altogether. While experimenting with Raylib-CS (https://github.com/ChrisDill/Raylib-cs/tree/master/Examples/Shaders), I was able to compile shaders out of the box with no issues whatsoever on my mac. So it’s not like, something intrinsically wrong with the platform (insert quip here). I think the reliance on direct-x is the issue, right? I’m biased of course, but why not look into a compilation process that excludes direct-x and can be truly cross-platform? I understand XNA’s history as a microsoft product, particularly an XBox product, but maybe this is a bit of baggage that can be relieved.

If you don’t use compute fork and you want to do anything but super basic shaders then OpenGL MG won’t get you far anyway. DX works just fine, OpenGL… not so much.