Post Processing Framework

Would anyone be interested in my post processing framework for MonoGame that I have ported from my old XNA talk(s)??

Happy to put it on GitHub, if there is any interest…

You can get my original talk/and code here


Of course! MonoGame could always use more shader resources :D!


Interested for sure!

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Looks like some great stuff. I’ve been trying to avoid spending too much time on post processing effects in my game so I actually err write a game. This could be really useful to me anyway :slight_smile:

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OK, sorry for the delay, Ill try and get this tidies up and put it up on GitHub :slight_smile:

Ill let you know when it’s up, ill probably put it in my current MonoGame Samples repo here



I have just updated my repo with the first draft of my post processing framework, hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

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I checked this out and I had to additionally check on visual studio 2019 that the sandbox for post processing project gets build.

Maybe a little bit more text describing how the camera etc. can be controlled would be nice.

Good work! The effects are nice and look awesome!

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Yea, as I say above it’s taken from a talk I did years ago for XNA. I’ll go through each of the classes and comment them in detail as well as add to the Wiki.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I meant text displayed also on the screen explaining the camera controls. For example what keys to use to look around. I guess it is necessary to look at the sun to be able to see the god rays. But yeah also a description of the classes themselves would be helpful I guess :slight_smile:

Ahh yes lol, I’ll do that, just thought most people would look at the code :slight_smile:

It’s normal WASD for translation and arrow keys for rotation.

So, did a small update, to make things a little clearer on screen, and you can now alter the individual process settings at run time and see how they affect the render :slight_smile:

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Added a few more effects to the repo :slight_smile:

Did a quick tweet

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