Question about IDisposable and DrawableGameComponent are very close same?

Hello everyone, I saw about different classes and different classes have same possibilities

Like WaveEngine has “IDisposable” when you create ScreenManagers / GameStates via DrawableGameComponent for MonoGame.

MonoGame WaveEngine or any frameworks

DrawableGameComponent IDisposable
Initalize() Initalize()
LoadContent NO
UnloadContent NO
Update(GameTime gametime) Update(TimeSpan gameTime)
Draw(GameTime gametime) Draw(TimeSpan gameTime)
. . . . . .

I have readden with ILSpy ( Sorry I don’t want steal that ) Because I feel any frameworks can “merge” or “integrate” to MonoGame without stupid PresentationCore.dll if you use Mono Runtime.

I thought UrhoSharp, Unity3D, ChocoSharp or any Game frameworks for C# can to integrate into MonoGame because DrawableGameComponent is like big deal of reunifications.

Do you think that who can merge from other frameworks into MonoGame.? Does it allow or not allow? I know sometimes to have violation of copies. That is why we need ask if owners of created game frameworks allow to integrate to MonoGame. What does it happen if who has to integrate other frameworks to MonoGame than It looks like bundled when you generate mkbundle or net pcl / il-jit

I really don’t believe that MonoGame is still alive and MonoGame can not die.

I don’t understand what you’re asking about or for?

Are you sure you mean MonoGame and not Mono?

Assuming you do mean using these things in MonoGame:

Why? is a far more important question than if? or could it be done?.

UrhoSharp is just a wrapper around Urho3D (and frequently out of date by a few weeks, though that should be moot with development slowing down as Urho3D is largely done at this point). There’s no point in trying to utilize it within MonoGame, the two would be stepping all over each other.

I suppose you could use a headless context to use Urho3D’s logic and MonoGame for rendering and audio - it’d be a lot of hassle for little gain.

Having taken two projects of reasonable size that were using Urho3D (C++, not UrhoSharp) for rendering and ported them over to MonoGame - I doubt it’s viable at all.

Cocos already has Cocos2D-XNA which works with MonoGame, although it’s long out of date - probably not far enough to be difficult to update.

Idisposable is an interface while drawablegamecomponent is a class to start with, so not the same at all. And their use/purpose is not the same

But you know like DigitalRune ( dead engine for MonoGame stopped since June 2016 )
They have GameComponent and it has sometimes with IDisposable It looks like any engine. I really don’t understand why any custom engines don’t work for latest version of MonoGame. It is really sad because it looks incompatibility. - I you are right.

What is good high level engine. I didn’t find. If who knows great extended custom engines like Digitalrune or other…