Recent Advanced Samples

Anybody know where I can find recent WORKING samples for shaders.

Lots of the original shader samples are now quite old, and I get the impression that they no longer apply to the current MonoGame framework.

I am after some normal mapping 2D/3D samples to work into my current projects.
My old XNA normal mapping shaders seem to be incompatible with the current system, and I am struggling to figure out workarounds for the odd errors coming up.

Perhaps somebody could point me in the direction of some fresh normal mapping shader samples/tutorials for this system.


I have a git repo with post processing and deferred lighting.

I’ll get you a link

Here you go…

Thanks very much Charles!
I’ll be checking that out, first thing in the morning.

Thanks again!

That is a very comprehensive set that you have put together.
I really liked your deferred lighting setup.
Looking forward to reading through your code to see how you are putting it together.

This will make a massive difference to progress with my shader development, getting me back to my work on actual game logic.

I cannot thank you enough for sharing this!

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Ahh cool, so glad you like it. Hope you find it useful.

I also have a Patreon page where I am creating an engine and an editor for it in monogame.

Basic engine is in and I am now focusing on the scene editor. Progress is a little slow as I am trying to fit this in around work and life in general lol.

Anyway, if your interested in that sort of thing its here.

That is cool…


Thanks again!

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