[RESOLVED] Stencilling on Android

Hi guys.

Are there any quirks I should know about when trying to use the stencil buffer on Android? I’m trying to use it for one layer of the 2D visuals I am drawing.

I am using the built in DepthStencilStates, I’ve set my preferred depth format to depth24stencil8 and I’m just not getting any luck. It’s drawing everything, no matter where on screen it is. I want certain moving objects to only display on a stencil that I am attempting to draw.

I’ve basically got a tile grid, where I’m trying to draw certain tiles onto the stencil and ignore others. Then I only want to draw game objects within the stencil.

Do I have to draw the stencil for the entire screen? I’m confused

It’s a difficult one to debug as I can’t view my stencil buffer… unless someone knows of some software where I can?


Mark x


I fixed it. I’m not admitting what was wrong because it’s really dumb and I’m an idiot :slight_smile: