Rpg GUI how to make it?

Hello I would like to learn how to make a GUI for a finalfantasy-style Rpg
like the GUI in Rpg Maker
rpg Gui


I don’t think you’ll get any help with such a vague request :stuck_out_tongue: What are you struggling with specifically?
Rendering? Class design? What have you tried?
For drawing the UI you can use SpriteBatch.

Sincerly I don’t know how to start to draw a GUI or design the classes behind
and there are GUI is monogame/monogame.extended why using spritebatch?

Designing your own GUI system is very complicated and difficult if you’re a beginner to MonoGame. SpriteBatch will generally be used to render all the graphics for your game, including your GUI stuff. You can pass things like image, source rectangle, destination rectangle, etc to SpriteBatch.Draw, and have it render to the screen.

So you’d build your GUI around SpriteBatch.Draw, keeping track of the various GUI element’s positions, sizes, images, and so on. Alternatively, using an existing UI framework, like the one in monogame extended, would be much easier.

Because fundamentally rendering GUI isn’t that much different from rest of the game, so you can use sprite batch for same reason.

In your picture you have click buttons and labels.


A bunch of drawing rectangles to draw background images and text in them.
Some checks to detect if the mouse is clicked in one of the rectangles which is supposed to be a click button too.
A action delegate for each button/rectangle to perform a callback to the method that fires when a button is clicked on.

Basically a click button and label button class or as recommended use a existing gui.

Depending on your platform, you could also use native UI controls and modify those to your desired state too, an added level of complexity but we are programmers for a reason, we love challenges!

Within reason. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sometimes it’s nice when things just work out of the box without hassle as well.

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