Sampler states unsync bug from XNA 4.0, is it fixed in Monogame?


I’m porting a game from XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0 with the objective to then port it to Monogame.

Right now, I’m having issues with the bug where sampler states isn’t synced properly, leading to effect still thinking I’m using texture in a floating point format when they are of Color format.

For those who might have encountered it, it gives you an exception with the following explanation :
“XNA Framework HiDef profile requires TextureFilter to be Point when using texture format Single/Vector2/HalfVector4”

This bug was mentionned by Shawn on the xbox forums :

So my question is : has this bug been fixed in monogame so I can just keep going with the XNA 4.0 port, or is it not and I should find a solution right now? :]

I can’t really go with a “simple” solution as updating the state of my sampler after each draw call because I’m porting an old retail game that contains hundreds of them.

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I’d recommend just trying to use MonoGame immediately without trying XNA 4.0 first.

Since MonoGame is a complete reimplementation of the XNA API it’s not a matter of fixed. I bet you won’t run into this issue with MG, but there might be some other stuff you run into while porting.

Make sure you check out the effect writing tips at the bottom of this page:

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