Setting up a Project and using templates for the first time

Hi, I’m new to the MonoGame Framework and I’m trying to setup a new project to start learning about the environment but I’m having some trobules and it won’t work.
I’ve followed the instructions on the documentation to setup your environment and workspace but I still can’t make it run. So I was hoping if I could find someone that could help me with it.

First of all there are this error codes showing up on the code templates once I’ve created it and before I’ve made any change.

Also, on the project setup, there’s no monogame logo showing (like it’s shown on the sample image in the documentation guide)

I guess I’ve messed it up during the installation process, but I’ve checked it a few times step by step and I still can’t find why it’s not working properly.
Thanks for the help.

Hi @KurokiYurei, Welcome to the Community!

I made a post covering this recently:

I also started a recent guide thread which you can find through my profile or on the top 30 recent posts.

Oh, you will have the errors until you build and the NuGet thing does its job.
Gah, updated the link too

Happy Coding!

Hi, @MrValentine thank you.

I had already read it, and I had everything you said installed but it still won’t detect any MonoGame classes at all.

I think the problem is that the NuGet isn’t doing his job I guess (not quite sure), how do I build it ?
(Maybe I’m getting things wrong cause on the Documentation, without any changes on the template a blank window appears, and that’s what’s driving me nuts, lol).

I’m going to check your guide to see if I can solve my problem with it, thanks for answering.

Thanks again for the answer, and Happy Coding.

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For future reference:

I forget the topic thread link on the main page links to the latest post :frowning: I updated the link above.

Do follow it exactly.

Hi @MrValentine, thanks for your dedication, after trying to make it work for hours I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong, if I try to compile the projecte this error code displays “error MSB3073”, and after checking it on the net it turns out that a blank space on the directory route can cause that problem (which is indeed my situtation) and I guess that’s why despite following your tutorial it didn’t want to work at all.

The fact is that the blank space turns out to be on my User name directory (yeah, I know, so stupid :sweat_smile:) and as far as I could find on the internet it’s not easy to change, so I’ll guess I’ll wait until I format my computer (I want to wait until this course is over) and then I’ll try to get on MonoGame Framework again.

Thanks for spending your time answering and Happy Coding!!.

Here’s the link to the forum where I’ve found the error

You can always move the repo to C:\Something\Something


But no idea what that does for the other components, but you can use the @ method… maybe I dunno, I never have this issue… you can always create a new local account for development though


My assumption is, you are not using a live account…

Ok, I think I’ve bounded more the error, so basically it’s when the code tries to reach for the .nuget\packages folders and it finds my username with a blank space and that’s when it crashes.

I think a local account for development would make it for now.

Do you mean a live account in VS or in my Windows OS ?

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I do have a live account on VS but I don’t have one on Windows, the VS one is the college foundation one, so it will be deleted once I’ve finished my degree and that’s why I never linked it to my OS.

The local development account worked perfectly fine and any template works fine out of the box, I really appreciate that you took your time to answer and try to help me.

Now everything is working fine so I think I’ll be tinkering around with it for a while.
Happy Coding!!

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