Shader Series - Screen Space Reflections

Hi all,

I’ve written up another Shader Tutorial on Screen Space Reflections over at @VirtexEdgeDesign main site. It overviews the meat and potatoes of the shader along with a healthy amount of code samples.

It also highlights some of the in-game editor functionality for our Vertices Engine we’re developing.

Let me know what you think, I’d love some feedback. And give the blog a follow or check out our Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our Shader Series and upcoming games.




Nice nice nice nice nice!!! Grrr I thought you have stolen my idea like so close you have made Game Editor in MonoGame without User Interface. Nice Job!

Thanks for explanation - I remember it is very easy solution from youtube

I know that.

I will continue first _currentMouse Pressed than _oldStateMouse.Released = It looks like real clickable button. Wow!

Now I will work hard until I have with TextureAtlas