Hello everyone.

Now IV noticed that one area where monogame is week is the fact at we need to make our own shaders for any good effect. As such I have been thinking of creating a section on my website where I can host shaders that are free for ppl to use. They will be user friendly and have demos for each shader.

I would also add a search function so we can search for shaders

What do I guys think?
Would any of u guys be able to help out by donating shaders? My knowledge of shaders isn’t amazing.
I also think that we should focus on 2d shaders at first as I believe that more people use monogame for 2d than 3d and that people who do do 3d are more experience with shaders. (I could be wrong though)

Your thoughts are most welcome.


I’m not shader guy and my english is limited LOL… but you hit the nail on the head bro!

I almost post this kind thread when I started last year but for beginners and new comers like some of my friends the moment they know you have to create your own shader and think that basic effect is limited they turn to other techs.

Yes XNA shader samples are abundant but you have to fight the MG tech to compile it correctly, your idea good a link or site with a working MG shader samplessss ^ _^ y.

I have created my first effect to share.
Its a very basic pixalte function

code here

results below

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I have this one production-ready. Maybe you can use it in some way or another. Feel free to ask if you have questions…

cool. Ill try working on a database and add the link to the effect.

Oh. And here are a couple of effects I cooked up for my game. It once had an effect-chain that allowed for building effect-trees and enabling/disabling branches of that tree on demand. I scrapped it because of the excessive renderTarget swapping that killed performance completely :wink:
But the effects are all 2D and basic, but decent.
Have fun.

they are awesome Ill try and incorporate them as well.
what name do you want to be used to credit you with?

Lol. Psilo please. Thank you. What an honor :slight_smile:
Throbax is the name of the game I currently make.

I completely agree! I wish there was a Shader or “effects” library. A library anyone can upload to and all are free to use.

Well, I’m out of school pretty soon which means I’ll have a lot of free time to code something like that. Could probably turn it into a general-purpose library for anything that works in Content Pipeline - textures, audio, shaders, etc.

Hi guys.

Thank you for all your responses.

Im busy for next week or two but I Plan to take the sharers provided and create a rapper class for each of them.

I want them to work like the basiceffect where you can see each property.
Hopefully we can get a nice library of shaders to allow nice effects like what unity and other engines have.


One feature that could be really cool in the backend of a shader repository like I’m thinking of would be automatic generation of a wrapper class that has properties for the various HLSL variables, as well as wrapper properties over top those in the Effect class. That’d make it so you could download both the raw HLSL code to input into your pipeline, as well as an accompanying Effect class that wraps it, just like BasicEffect.

That sounds cool.
I can host on my server. I was planning to create a basic php page with a MySQL database for easy shader lookup.

What do you guys think?

Have a look at my BloomEffectRenderer I linked earlier to see how that may be done in a cross-platform way.

I’ve got my own server for hosting if I decide to create one. I was thinking of doing either an ASP.NET or similar type of site, because then I have access to the .NET Framework for things like automatic code generation :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a simple “wavy” pixel shader. Here’s a look at it in action. You can configure it through the few parameters it takes in.