Shiny/Golden/Metal Fonts etc

Is there some easy way of making flashy looking font’s in MonoGame that I’m unaware of?

I can use spritefont and draw in whatever font I import which is ok but doesn’t really look that professional in some kinda of application.

If I wanted a metal looking font, for example, would I just import images for each letter and then make my own class for handling font rendering (like I’ve done on other platforms)? Or is there some better way, maybe something obvious I haven’t thought of.

How are you guys doing it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use a custom pixel shader for some effects or create a bitmap font. Shawn Hargreaves has a blog post on how to use a bitmap font with XNA:
Should work 100% the same in MG :slight_smile:


Monogame.Extended has some stuff for rendering bitmap fonts (BMFont format) as well. The tools for bitmap fonts don’t do a lot of magic but there’s nothing stopping you from doctoring them further in your paint tool of choice.

Thanks Jjagg. I’ve never noticed that texture processor before. That should do the trick nicely and save me writing a chunk of code :slight_smile:

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