Showing off my MonoGame forms a bit

In the works for a little over a year. If there’s not much to show, that’s a good thing, because a lot of time was spent getting everything right instead of rushing to get something on the screen. (In case you couldn’t tell by the cornflower blue) :slight_smile:

Below is the UI editor, this will eventually be a program to be installed on the dev’s computer as part of my framework. If anyone has used Windows forms or Qt, to the right is a property editor window. To the left is the form being worked on. It’s obviously not done, but it shows the flexible modularity of the Widgets.

Multiple window support is working, and is as simple as it is in Qt or Windows Forms. (Or at least it was before I deleted that part of the code, but at least we know I know how to do it :P) Through some added template shenanigans, I should be able to make it as simple as right-clicking and adding a new MonoGame Window to your project, with which you can then double click and edit with the installed UI editor. Everything is designed to be similar to working with Visual Forms, from dragging and dropping controls to Events and EventHandlers.

I’ll make it open source when I either get bored of it, have a usable product, or someone shows interest in seeing the code. There’s a lot of work to be down still. For now, I just leave this gif.

I guess my project is very similar to the one here, though it accomplishes something very different. This seems like a hook into Windows forms while mine is a reimplementation.


It looks pretty slick, how are you adding in fonts? system fonts or packaged fonts?

Now that you mention it I will have to find a way to generate SpriteFonts during runtime, won’t I?

Just looking in the other Monogame forms thread I found something interesting

I might borrow this user’s code if they wouldn’t mind. Other than that it’s probably as simple as getting a list of available fonts from the system.

I.A.N.A.L. But you may wish to read their licencing.

rds has done quite a lot of work on sprite font plus
It’s under the mit license

The pros.
It can do that as well as some other stuff and it allows for unicode 16 encoding at least (same as a visual studio string).

The cons depending on how you look at it.
It doesn’t use truetype under the hood it uses basically its opposite stb what this means is.

While it looks better for simple bitmap fonts that don’t have hinting.
It looks worse for actual truetype fonts with all the extra hinting information which look really good.

post with some pics.

Github project

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