Simple xna/monogame TextBox for chats and log in

hey everybody,
i’m working on an iOS & android monogame and i need a simple text box for handling user input in chat and login/signup.
i’ve spend days on looking for a library/ sdk/ piece of code that will know how to handle the virtual keyboard appearance and the gui behavior of a text box - couldn’t find anything that actually works with monogame…

what solutions do u suggest for me? (except the obvious one - implement by myself :smile: )
i’m in trouble with this one, appreciate any help.

i’m using Xamarin Studio for mac.
thank you.

a gui lib might help

https:// github. com/craftworkgames/ CraftworkGames.Engine
(not enough rep)

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none of them have been updated for years now. doesn’t work on mobile platforms.
i ended up just using iOS and android UI elements.


they are not updated. but you must remember anything that supports xna 4.0 works fine. CODE IS GOLD NO MATTER HOW OLD!

Not sure if you’re still interested in this topic, but for desktop platforms it’s fairly simple to implement a basic text box as of monogame 3.2

The basic idea is to subscribe to Game.TextInput and read the character it outputs. It won’t handle special characters like backspace and enter, but they can be easily implemented using basic polling.