Skinned Model in iOS

Hi, I am trying to use a Skinned Model in iOS. I can use this kind of model on Android, but the thing is that I am using a Skinned Model Processor who has a dependency with an Assembly with “animation” types, like Animation Play, Animation Clip. So that I need the “animation” types Assembly to load the compiled models (compiled on Windows by the way) on iOS (using the Assembly compiled on Windows in a project for iOS working with Xamarin Studio in OSX), but I am not sure if it is correct, and if I can do it on iOS in this way (actually I have an error when I try to load the content in this way…)
What is the best option to compile/use Skinned Models in iOS ? My goal is to be able to change bone transforms with calculated transforms to update the animation using my own algorithms…

The skinned animation code should still work. You may need to prevent the linker from stripping out “unused code” due to it not seeing any direct reference to your animation classes. Take a look at ContentTypeReaderManager.AddTypeCreator() to register a type so it won’t get stripped out.

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Thanks, I will try to fix my solution.
Do you have an example using skinned animation code in iOS?
Thanks again!

Could you point me to an example in Windows?