Skinned Model in MG: "This model does not contain a SkinningData tag."

Hi. I’m making a 3D game in Monogame 3.5 and am in need of a way to load and play animations from a .fbx file. I’ve downloaded Microsoft’s Skinned Model example here and added it to my project, but when the game runs it instantly throws this exception:

This is caused because my model.Tag can’t be case as SkinningData. I’m fairly new to this (I used to use Unity which did all of this for me), so I’m not sure what might be causing this. This is what my Content Pipeline looks like for the model I’m trying to import:

Any help will be greatly appreciated. It’s been quite a challenge finding information on animating models in MG.

I had several problems getting this to work as a UWP app.

(1) Grab the latest Monogame 3.6 installer else the content pipeline bits will fail. I used v3.6.0.1036.

(2) The dude.fbx model needed to be converted to a newer format.

(3) The “Processor” for the dude.fbx content file needs to be set to “Skinned Model Processor” in addition to setting

Content “References”.

(4) You need to create a separate UWP DLL for the “Skinned Model” project in addition to having a .Net 4.5 DLL assembly for the pipeline processor because UWP cannot load the regular .Net 4.5 assembly. Make sure you add a reference to this assembly for your main UWP project (I called mine “SkinnedModelWP” with an output assembly name of “SkinnedModel” and created a link to the source files in the associated .Net 4.5 assembly).

The little details add up.

After sorting out the above, you’re good to go.