SkinnedModelSample Download?

Almost everything I read about animating 3D models refers to a dead Microsoft article that contains an example called SkinnedModelSample. Does anyone have the zip file from the article?

If anyone has another way to handle animations, that would be great. Most things I’m reading are years old and I don’t know if things have improved since then.

Edit: I see a fairly new topic that mentions Aether.Extras which looks promising. Ill try that out.

skin and bone 4.0 xna - Google Drive
skinned 4.0 xna - Google Drive
better skinned - Google Drive

I started to make one as well but its basically prototype level. Lots of stuff it doesn’t handle or handle right yet.

I already tried Aether.Extras but he didn’t find clips(read bones and other stuff except TAGs) inside dude.fbx. You could try Assimp(i found some examples of implementation ). if you success run animation with Aether.Extras. Would be great if you share your troubleshoot.

Seems that dude.fbx (at least dude_gpu.fbx) doesnt have more than one animation.
I tested my own ugly stickman with couple of animations and those works (texture doesnt show up, might be because of my model, havent checked it yet).

There is fork of Aether.Extras (animation testing) which contains modified animation sample and new solution which should work out of the box (on windows, linux and mac - only windows tested).

Old fork of XNAnimation library can be found at
but it is a dead project.

Hi @willmotil could you upload the example of betterskinned? since the site ( gives 404.

it’s the third link in the second post.

better skinned

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Thanks! Yesterday I tried to download it from that link but for some reason it gave me an error, I do not know what it has opened. Now I could :smile: .