[SOLVED] Does the HiDef profile work correctly in MonoGame 3.6?

Hi there!

I just installed the new MonoGame 3.6 over the older MonoGame 3.5. My application for computing view factors (thermal control software) compiles and launches alright, however, I cannot use the OcclusionQuery command:

System.NotSupportedException: “The Reach profile does not support occlusion queries.”

Checking back with my Content.mgcb file, the profile is HiDef (/profile:HiDef). Nevertheless, when querying GraphicsDevice.GraphicsProfile, it returns Reach. Previously, the application was running fine. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help

  • Max

I think default was changed to the Reach profile. Try to set it like this:

        public Game1()
            graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager(this);
            Content.RootDirectory = "Content";
            graphics.GraphicsProfile = GraphicsProfile.HiDef;
            IsMouseVisible = true;

Does it work?

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That was QUICK! Yes, it works, thanks!

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