[Solved] Font Texture won't build

I’m probably being dumb here but I can’t work out why my font texture won’t build, I’ve never had any problem before. It’s giving an error of “Index was outside the bounds of the array” from the ExtractGlypths method.

I can’t remember what the rules are exactly for getting this to work and I’ve never been that great at reading the source code.

I tried to narrow it down by just creating a small bitmap of the first 12 characters

Could anyone tell me why this builds fine :


And this fails with the error above:



Maybe the background color has to be exactly the same? Just what I can see on mobile right now, that this is different.

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Yep you’re right. The background color has to be 255,0,255 (ff00ff etc) or else this error occurs. Thanks! :smile:

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