[SOLVED-ISH] Can anyone share a VB.NET 2019 Base Game Template?

I’m desperately trying to find a Monogame template for Visual Studio 2019 for Visual Basic. Every link i have found here and elsewhere posted over the years are now dead links. I would really appreciate it if someone would share me a download.

Thank you.

Hi @tinblue Welcome to the Community!

I would strongly suggest you shift gears into C#, it’s very similar to VB, unless you had a specific reason to use it.

Happy Coding!

There may not be a template, but does there really need to be? You don’t care which language the libraries are written in, unless you expect to be stepping into them. For your code, the basics of a game loop are probably all over the place. I feel like I’ve encountered them a couple times in the past few weeks, and I’m not even interested in a true game loop. There isn’t all that much code to them, so finding some example and writing it out by hand in a different language probably wouldn’t take too long.

After you have that, it still won’t which language you use, so use whichever you prefer.

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I should add to that, you [ @tinblue ] could just copy the code from a previous template and be good to go…

The question is, what platform do you require a template for as Desktop and UWP are vastly different, especially in the case of XAML.

But again, I strongly advise you to move onto C# unless you have a specific use case scenario such as a university course [In which case, I question your lecturer].


I wouldn’t be so keen on C#, as I feel VB is a better language, currently, but there is no doubt that if you are just starting out you will have an easier time of it in C#, since so many example are written in C#. MonoGame itself is C#, and Core is pretty much C# at this point, though that should be changing, or may have just changed.

If you have an existing program in VB, then it would make sense to stick with it, but then, you probably wouldn’t be needing templates if you had an existing program.

In all cases, you do need to be able to read C#, even if you don’t want to write in it. The C-family syntaxes have come to dominate language design over the last decade, or two. It’s a bit stultifying, but it does have to be understood.

My reason was that, well, this:

But the OP needs to chime in soon…


Note, the article is from 2016…


I love VB, it reminds me a lot of BASIC, however, future proof wise, and with my goal for over 20 years being learning C#, well, it’s a done deal lol

As a last resort, you could take the C# template and run it through a code converter e.g. https://converter.telerik.com/

I have done this the other way (VB.NET to C#) and it got the job done although there were a few things to iron out in the converted code.

You need to consider the fact that the VB.NET application is typically UI event driven which is radically different to the monogame game loop.

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I have to say there is a lot of snobbery surrounding this subject. VBNET is NOT typically UI event driven any more than C# is inside of the Visual Studio framework. Many people simply won’t accept it but the fact is they are just different syntax’s and therefore it is just a preference. They both compile to the same runtime. Monogame can happily run inside VBNET with the Application Framework switched off.

VBNET has gained an unfair hate because of its legacy with the original Visual Basic despite them being two completely different beasts. C# is no faster than VBNET and really offers nothing more than an alternative programmers syntax. I believe it’s popularity is mainly driven by the fact it can gain you a higher salary!

You’ve not really answered any questions there… :thinking:

What questions am I supposed to be answering? I asked for a VB.NET template and I have been bombarded (in typical predicable fashion) by a lot of fan boys telling me to use C#.

I’ve sorted a template now - it works. It’s great. Thank you.

Interesting. I haven’t encountered any “VB.NET” hating, but I probably don’t pay much attention to such things. Languages are tools - you pick the appropriate one for the job.

I had a VB6 and C++ professional background when .NET came along. I went VB.NET first as it was an easy path from VB6 for UI. After a while though I realised what you point out above that they are interchangeable so I switched to C#. This was primarily because my C++ background was much stronger.

It sounds like you are well placed to try my suggestion of taking the C# template and converting.

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Quite a lot of questions in here, but your attitude won’t do you any good going forward.

Good luck though.

I just want to add, I never said VB was good or bad, just that it has diverged from parity.


And that I loved VB, so not sure where this…

Rudeness is coming from.

Again, good luck to you in your endeavours.

You clearly misread everything above. Or never read anything.

I didn’t suggest to use C#.
ShaggyTheHiker stated VB.NET is the better language.
Mr. Valentine stated move to C# unless you have a specific reason to use VB.Net.

So yeah that “fan boy” comment isn’t going to encourage people to reply to your future posts @tinblue

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I apologise. But when I made my original post I predicted the first reply would be ‘Use C#’ You didn’t let me down.

I didn’t really want to debate the different languages and that I just wanted the template and to be on my way. I find it a bit silly that the Monogame distribution cannot bring itself to include them. I think I read somewhere that the original developer hated VB which is why support for it can be found in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard”

No problem with me and good to hear you solved it.

Did you track down a template? I’m guessing you created one.

Others might travel down the same path in the future (it might be me :upside_down_face: ) and find this thread.

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Nowhere in there did I say, ‘USE’ C#, you clearly are coming with a prejudicated mentality, and I strongly suggest you leave it at the door.

I found the ‘Don’t Panic’ reference hilarious though. :joy:


I concur with @jonathanmcc though, what was your solution.

I think I went a bit over the top for my solution lol

I installed Visual Basic 2010 and XNA 4.0 with the Phone SDK 7.1 (which gives you the XNA VB templates). I then took the various code and rebuilt a Visual Studio 2019 template from scratch.

Someone else is offering me a complete VBNET boiler plate for Monogame. When I find out which of the two is better I’ll share it here for future users who may want it.

Again, apologies for my tone. My frustration is more with Monogame making me jump through hoops. If I want to use VB it should be my choice. The fact is it works flawlessly, was originally supported by Microsoft yet Monogame choose to turn their back on it for reasons I can only see as pure snobbery.

I’m sure you can appreciate the painful route I went to get a solution is probably why I was a bit tetchy. Sorry.

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Clearly did not read the thread… :roll_eyes:


You know, if you had asked politely :joy:, someone would have told you that there is a template in 3.6-3.7 for VB…

I agree with you, I was royally ticked off when I found out VB was getting the fist…

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Did you do that on Windows 7? and where did you download the Phone 7.1 SDK?

It wouldn’t HAVE to be on Windows 7. I’ve never worked with the Phone SDK 7.1, but I still have VS2010 and XNA4.0 on Windows 10 (using VB.NET, too). I’m moving to VS2019 and wanted to shift to MG 3.8 because XNA4.0 is somewhat inconvenient in VS versions beyond 2010. Not impossible, I understand, but somewhat inconvenient. I don’t want to hand that inconvenience off to anybody else.

I still feel that VS2010 was the most beautiful release of VS. There have been some really nice innovations to the IDE in subsequent releases (except 2012, that one was pretty awful). However, those came at a price. Launching VS could be slow prior to fast SSD drives, and a whole lot of that was because you got ALL the IDE features, need them or not.

Anyways, I’m wandering, at this point…I have opinions.