SOLVED Porting XNA GPU Skinning Sample


I’m trying to port the XNA GPU Skinning Sample to a Windows MonoGame game.

I just created new projects with the same name as in the sample and added source files and MonoGame assemblies in place of the XNA ones. I was able to build the SkinnedModel.dll and the SkinnedModelPipeline.dll files.

Then I created a new Windows Forms project and copied the source files from the sample (i.e., the file defining the Game class). I’m using the Pipeline.exe tool to build my content. I was able to reference the custom processor and to build a skinned fbx model.

Problem #1
The model is using BasicEffect even if I set the “SkinnedEffect” option in the content tool.

Problem #2
If I create a new SkinnedEffect instance in my code and use it for rendering the mesh is distorted.

I suspect the SkinnedEffect from MonoGame doesn’t behave as the one in XNA. I couldn’t test dude.fbx cause the import fails. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my mesh.

Any ideas?


I could test my fbx model in the official Autodesk FBX Review app, it rendered correctly (animations included).

Solved the issue using a custom effect.

Can you share the code. i have same problem .
I am using window 7 and monogame 3.3