(Solved) Running BEPUPhysics With MonoGame 3.6

Hey guys,
I’ve been doing a bit of research on implementing 3d physics in MonoGame, and the BEPUPhysics engine looks very promising. In order to get the engine up and running, I decided to try the build posted by @InfiniteProductions here: BEPU (debug drawer for MG 3.5) (download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ikab5bjrwd5byab/bepuphysics_MG3.5-1.1.zip). Upon opening the BEPUphysicsDemos solution and attempting to run, I experience an error, stating “The imported project “C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\XNA Game Studio\Microsoft.Xna.GameStudio.targets” was not found. Confirm that the path in the declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk.”. Are these ‘targets’ (referenced in the csproj file) referring to a component of XNA that I need to have installed? Up until now I have been able to use MonoGame successfully without directly installing XNA (at least from what I can remember).
Any advice on how to get this up and running would be appreciated!

I got it working using the BEPUPhysicsDemos.sln in VS2015. The build setup is all messed up though so I had to go through and compile the dependencies individually first, until I eventually got everything else to build.

The order was:

  • BEPUutilities
  • ConversionhelperMG
  • BEPUPhysicsDrawerMG
  • BEPUPhysicsDemosMG

Edit: forgot to mention that I also had to fix 4 type-conversion errors in the code, they were just simple (byte) casts and the only 4 errors that happened aside from project dependency errors.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/1/16ba4b37a4d0b65c9ee33360391fe855df75b204.png" width=“690” height=“388”

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You were right; I just needed to manually build the dependencies and explicitly cast the Color parameters to bytes, and it was able to compile and run as expected. Thanks a lot for the help! I look forward to seeing what I can learn from BEPUPhysics :slight_smile:

The author of BEPU is working on a v2. He stresses that there’s still a lot to do, but judging by the graphs/benchmarks he puts out every once in a while it’s very well optimized and incredibly efficient. The code is on GitHub: https://github.com/bepu/bepuphysics2

Very exciting stuff! :slight_smile:

@Norbo, in case you check this forum. I don’t have time to contribute atm, but I’m curious if you’d accept help (pull requests or design input) at this stage of BEPU2 development. Thanks for the awesome engine and for making it all public! :smiley:


I am summoned!

It’s early enough that I’d be worried about large contributions getting steamrolled by some later architectural changes and refactoring, so I would hesitate to make any big PRs yet- even with prior discussion.

Smaller contributions, like bug reports, localized bug fixes, and design discussions are pretty much always good. Design is a little tricky given some of the constraints, but it’s always useful to see what developers are trying to do. (For example, I still don’t know if a single person ever used v1’s MinkowskiSumShape.)