[Solved] Visual Studio 2019 support?

Are VS2019 templates coming?

Coming soon as NuGET packages.

For now, I have a guide here:


I don’t have VS2017 and can’t seem to find an installer, all I am able to download is a VSInstaller which then only offers to install VS2019 :confused:

looking under “all downloads” there is a 2017 tab but it then says that there are no available downloads
it seems as though I need some sort of a subscription or whatever

And for the first thing to report on, I can confirm my VS17->VS19 Guide [ MonoGame 3.7.1 and Visual Studio 2019 Release ] is still functional and only a minor adjustment is needed for it, Just scroll further down for the Older Versions link button.

No subscription, you just need to be a registered developer, just sign in with a Hotmail/Outlook account.

ah great, yeah that was it, thanks!

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You can read my guide on setting up but basically load up your desired MG template in VS17, build and run to ensure you see the blue screen and then exit and load the sln file in VS19.

hanks but i have gone thru the vs2017 to vs2019 route and visual studio itself is not the issue. My issue is with the large font & png mgcb content I have and all the various community suggestions
on techniques to process those images. Suggestions using tools like texturepacker, textureatlases, spritesheets, spriteBox, etc… Those are not necessarily totally inclusive. After googling each technique You find that
some don’t exist anymore or are Java/JSON based and not C# based. Visualstudio is my IDE and c# is my code language. I also am a fan of crossplatform development with xamarin in VS.

I’m trying to develop a card game app. That has 5 sections on top of a game board background. My design is to have each section as a sprite on top of that board background which is the base sprite sheet. The tools mentioned here help with positioning, sizing, animation and managing the pieces on that game board.

Have you tried simply loading each card in singularly? Or placing them in a single line per set and using partial drawing? On mobile atm and sick as a nutter, but can followup later to draw a graphic with code to explain what is what, can you share a link to said images? Doesn’t have to be full resolution, you can blur them if needs be but keep the dimension and content in place so I can get err a clearer :sweat_smile: idea of what these large images are.

Although C# is also my choice language, it pays to study several others, their basics, but avoiding their usage is still wholly optional, at least learn Visual Basic, it’s a fun scripting language and you can find my guide on its usage in my profile.

Wait, what the heck, @Walter_Fink Please don’t hijack another persons thread, it’s impolite. Please keep to one thread on your issue at present you are across three threads, where this one is not yours.

Bloody hell, I was too ill and dizzy to notice, sorry @Demid_Druganov, I did not notice.

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Does it mean I need to have both 2017 and 2019 installed to be able to use 2019 with monogame?

Yes, just install the bare minimum for VS17 to save storage space, set-up a new fresh project in VS17, compile and run, close and open in VS19.