Someone please explain this one STRANGE RENDERING HUE SHIFT

Okay, so I decided it was time to back my game up properly, so I created a github repository and moved the code into it.

I am paranoid enough that I didn’t delete the original copy.

So when I run the copied version of the game I get this

Notice the purple hue, this is what the same code looks like when run from the original copy

Anyone got an inkling of what the hell is can screw up the renderer like this?

The debug version of MonoGame clears all the rendertargets with a purple color. If you “don’t properly clear” the rendertargets, they’re kept purple and images like the one you show usually appear.

It’s possible that you’re using MG debug in one project, and MG release in the other.

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Oh man.

So when I copied the project it replaced my custom version of Monogame with the unmodified version installed a long time ago

It just replaced it

Didn’t ask for permission

Didn’t say it was doing it

Just … “I don’t like that version, it smells, I am using this version it’s much nicer , smells better and has much nicer teeth”

Cheers KakCAT