Soundeffects on iOS won't play.

I am developing a game for Android and iOS using Monogame and the soundeffects are working as they should on Android, but they will not work on iOS. So I was wondering if there is anyone out there who have experioenced this particular issue and could offer me some guidance? I would really be grateful. It’s the last obstacle before the game is all set and done.

Edit: Figured it out. I had to create an iOS xnb of the soundeffects I wanted to play and import them. After that it was all good.

I’m also having this problem, but it is something that was previously working…
I always loaded my sound effects from mp3 files and it always seems to work, but now all i have is silence… Anyone else is having this problem?

I’m having this problem with monogame 3.2 and on Android 2.3. I’m using the xnb files from my XNA 4.0 project and they wont play when the SoundEffectInstance.Play() method is called. Anyone have a solution to this?

I’m just raising the thread. Isn’t there a way to play a sound effect without converting it to xnb?