Sprite not rendering in correct position

I apologize, I’m completely new to MonoGame. I’ve done dev with other frameworks (primarily HaxeFlixel), and toyed around with XNA years ago.

Anyway, I just installed MonoGame and I was following the starting guide for MonoGame here: http://www.monogame.net/documentation/?page=adding_contentAnd

I followed everything the guide said to do, but when I draw my sprite it is not being drawn the same way as the example on the web page. Here’s what it looks like to me: https://i.imgur.com/hOG9PLk.png

Some info about my setup: I’m running this on Windows on a Macbook Pro.

I was able to move the sprite into the viewport, but I was just curious why my results were so different than what was expected. I was just concerned something about my setup/configuration was messed up.

Your link gives me a 404.

Could you show us some of your code? (mainly your drawing-code and setting positions)

That’s because their SSL is borked, has been for ages and my browser downright refuses to load their https links… very annoying… just remove the s like so:


MrValentine posted the image for me (thanks!!! I didn’t realize I could do that)

Here’s my code: https://bitbucket.org/hexdie/game1/src/master/

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I meant the Monogame-Link, sorry :smiley:

To me the code looks perfectly fine though.
Looks as if it’s using the top-left window-corner (ignoring the titlebar) as 0,0.

I’m guessing you created an MonoGame Cross Platform Desktop Project just like the tutorial?

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Yup. Would a project of another type be better?

I just downloaded your repository and ran it.
This is what I get:

Can you add what version of monogame you are using? This might be something for @Tom

I’m using v3.7.

It’s looking like it’s a platform specific issue then. I’m running Windows on a Macbook, so I’ve tried disabling the dpiAware setting in the app.manifest, which got me marginally better results.

So, I just set the application to borderless and now it seems to be rendering correctly. Setting the dpiAware setting back to true also renders correctly without borders.

Whatever happened to NATIVE :joy: