Spritebatch.DrawString Strange Behavior [SOMEWHAT SOLVED]

I’m trying to draw some text in front of a solid black bar, but for some reason it’s giving me trouble
This is what it looks like. Basically, if the string is a certain length, (both digits of the mouse position are in the ones place), it draws no problem, but when the mouse gets further away, it only shows the colon, and when it gets further away than that, it only shows the final parenthese. All of the characters are being drawn, but some of them are drawn behind the black bar. Even weirder, when I don’t draw the checkered background, but leave the bar and text, the text looks just fine. I have absolutely no idea what is going on here, and I’d love some help.

How are your sprites being sorted? Is the Z-depth the same for the checkered board, black bar, and text? Without seeing the code it’s hard to diagnose.

I’m using back-to-front sort mode, and they are being drawn as such. But the random characters being drawn on different layers is the weirdest thing about this. Here’s all the drawing code:

Just a word of advice, if you want people to assist, copy the code here and use the Code Block button.

I fixed it by adding a value for the layerDepth of each draw call.

Thanks, but it pastes weirdly and I have to put down a bunch of spaces to format it correctly.

That’s what the CODE block button is for…


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