Spritefont Files not Loading Monogame Xamarin

I have been struggling to get spritefonts to work in a game i’m porting from Android to IOS in monogame.
everything is exactly the same, except the spritefonts do not seem to be copying over to the debugging device.
everything else in the game seems to be working just fine besides the font issue.
does anyone have any idea how to get these files to copy over? i’ve tried just about everything from the pipeline to the configuration in Xamarin.
here are screenshots of the error:

You need to include them as Content with copy if newer or copy always setting.

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Now it is giving me a System.NotImplementedException error.
is there a statement i should be using? i’ve allready got system.text and almost every part of microsoft.xna.framework;

Is it compiled as an xmb file?

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Sorry, i was changing those settings to my .spritefont file.
i got it to work now, thank you so much!