SpriteFonts on iOS

I’ve been banging my head against the wall on this for 3 hours now. Are SpriteFonts still working on iOS? I had a bunch of SpriteFont XNB files that worked perfectly with MonoGame on iOS about a month ago, and now I cannot get them working for the life of me. When I try to load one in Debug configuration, my game crashes on GL.GetError with a MonoGameGLException, and when I load one in Release configuration, I just see black boxes where the font should be.

To make matters worse, none of the MonoGame iOS Test projects are working/building anymore for me to cross-reference and test with. (I think this is due to the new separation of MonoGame.Framework.Net.iOS, but even after I add that reference to the test solution, my test projects still crash.)

Can anyone give me a link to a working SpriteFont XNB file so that I can test it on my system? Also, what settings are you using on the content files in the project (BundleResource/Content, Copy Always, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.

Well, not surprisingly, this turned out to be user error. (The weird thing is that it was working fine on the Simulator, but crashed on the device.) Anyway, somehow I got an old version of my XNB files in my project, and that was apparently the problem.

Side note: Although I suspect this isn’t possible and/or isn’t easy to do, I would kill for a more descriptive MonoGame error message when an XNB file fails to load. It’s my own fault, but I’ve been bitten by this type of thing way too many times now :frowning: