SpriteFonts / TrueType fonts - Commercial Use?

Is there a list of fonts you can use commercially for free?

What fonts have other people used in there projects (particularly commercial)? Did you need to pay or have permission?

Fonts I’d particularly like to know about:

  • Ariel
  • MS Gothic

Any help would be appreciated.

Those are foundry fonts, you must acquire a licence, just search for Arial Foundry Licence and you should find the correct one.

I did post a free CC0 font here a while ago

Public Domain Fonts - General - Community | MonoGame

Do with it as you please, aside from reselling lol


I’ve also just found Google Fonts, which all appear to be open source licenced.


Those are web fonts, not for app distribution…

These seem to be under OFL, which as far as I can tell is not restricted to websites.

In their support section:

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I think you can mark that as a solution :sake:

Note: Google Color fonts are not processed properly and error out upon compilation to a SpriteFont.

Just to clarify,

Right Click on the font file and look at the permissions tab.

Only fonts that have the installable or editable permissions listed can be embedded in games as a SpriteFont.

For fixed text in images, the print/preview permission is the only one required or installable or editable will also work.

I do not run Windows and cannot verify the permissions of the Microsoft distributed Arial font; The fact that it was made the default SpriteFont font in XNA…

It would suffice to say that Arial can be used, as too many games have done so in the past.

I would like to thank you as the second person to bring this topic to light.

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Just remembered this:

Redistributable Font Pack · SimonDarksideJ/XNAGameStudio Wiki (github.com)