Status of a few effect/shader related things

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and the last time I was here I was talking about helping to support GLSL shaders which I got some work done and then had family issues, work issues etc that took all my time for the last year.

I’m looking to help as Monogame has a lot of potential and I’m starting to use it again in some of my own work. I see that since I left, Monogame has gained a functional content pipeline of it’s own and dropped the Xna dependency which is awesome! This leaves me with several questions directly related to shaders.

  1. Am I correct that you still cannot do custom effects on Linux/Mac (assuming due to current DirectX dependencies)?
  2. What is the current plan, if any, to allow for Linux/Mac to be able to build custom effects?
  3. Has there been any change in support for using GLSL directly?
  4. Are any of the other shader stages supported other than vertex, and pixel stages?
  5. If the above question is no, is there any current plans for them?

I’m thinking about attempting to help with one or more of these features depending on what is or is not being done and depending on how my schedule pans out for the next few months.