Texture2D.Sample issue

I got a issue on draw texture on model. When i use Tex2D function it give me the correct output, but when i use Texture2D.Sample it go wrong. seem like the texture coordinate when offset about few pixel.

Note* both of the using the same UV coordinate input.

tex2D(diffuseMapSampler, input.UV); <— correct

Diffuse_Map.Sample(diffuseMapSampler, input.UV); <— Wrong

since you didn’t post it - I assume you used the same sampler right?

Texture2D tex

tex.Sample(diffuseMapSampler, input.UV);

tex2D(diffuseMapSampler, input.UV);

the syntax for SamplerState has technically also changed with dx11 (see more on the second page here: https://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/user-files/ShaderPorting.pdf)

I just can’t think of another reason apart from a different sampler, can you post yours maybe?

yes i using the same sampler