Timeline for mono AOT Webassembly export?

This topic was covered a few years ago here:

I was wondering if there was any progress on compiling a monogame project into a single file, full aot wasm, webassembly package from visual studio?

This is apparently already possible for dev projects very similar to monogame. For example, the Uno Platform (a UI oriented, C# cross platform effort) has already done it a few months ago:

That just uses mono-wasm, and right now, you will get worse performance with mono-wasm version than with Bridge.NET version.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Do you have any recent benchmarks? I read that mono-wasm become much more mature since last year.

In any case, how/when would aot-wasm feature in monogame become available then? Is this something that the monogame dev community would have to do (like Uno) or is this going to work automatically out of the box once when .NET 5 (or a mature preview of it) is released?