.TMX TiledSharp Map Rendering

I have been having some issues rendering my .tmx TileMap created in the Tiled MapEditor.

I’ve followed the instructions on the TiledSharp github, so I am able to parse the XML data from the .tmx object into the individual layers. But i’m having massive issues trying to render the map.

I’ve attempted using MonoGame.Extended, but I wanted to allow support for UWP for my game and it doesn’t seem to be supported. I’m really having trouble finding content online demonstrating what to do here, all I want to do is render the map created in the Tiled map editor.

Are there some libraries I can use for rendering the map, that are cross-platform compatible? If not, could someone please point me in the right direction as to where I need to be looking here. I’m really struggling to find online examples of the map rendering, is this software outdated now? What are people using nowdays to create their tilemaps and load them into their game?

Any help is massively appreciated on this.

A while ago I asked about tile map rendering and I was pointed to this thread. Maybe you can find some information there but unsure if there is information about the tmx format.