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Hi all, not sure if you guys would be interested, but I have created a Patreon account and hace just posted my first pateron post, it covers some Unity stuff, but also a bit of MonoGame too.

I am hoping to post tutorials for MG here as well as describe how I have gone about createing my own MG engine and it’s editor too.

If you think this sort of thing would be of interrest to you, then please, check it out :slight_smile:

My account is here.
My fist post (went up in the last few mins) is here.


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I have begun work on my 1st Patreon tutorial, it’s the 1st part of an epic journey, the creation of a game engine written in MonoGame 3.8+

Patrons to the tutorials will have access to the Git Repo as well as access to the related Discord server too


So, today, I had a request to port my 2D Crepuscular rays to MonoGame, so that’s what I have been doing.

Ill update the repo soon, and also do a tutorial post on my Patreon page.

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Here is a quick preamble through the engine I am intending to wite and share with Pareons…

It’s OK to use Pateron like a blog right?

This post took years in the writing, and it’s still not done, it’s a bit of my personal history.

My Computer Gaming History Part I

First of many in the creation of a game engine for MonoGame


  • Project structure
  • Interfaces
  • Transform Class
  • Sneak peek at Coroutines & Scripting

Void Engine - Tutorial 1

New Tier created for those that only want access to the beginer tutorials, check it out Tutorial Access Light here.

Both “Tutorial Access Light” and “Full Tutorial Access” patrons also get access to the Discord server.

First post breaking down my git repo samples now up on my Patron site for patrons here

This one covers the 2D flag shader I wrote.

Another post for my lovely Patrons, this time we look at serailization, how we make it plug and play, and a bit of TDD for the MonoGame engine I am writing.

Void Engine - Tutorial 2

My third Patreon tutorial for the MonoGame engine I am writing, in this I cover asset managemet at runtime and “primitive” texture generation. Code is not engine specific and could be used in any MonoGame project you have.

Void Engine - Tutorial 3

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I am on fire today! 4th Tutorial on Engine development using MonoGame, this time we look at the Service model and Input management, Keyboard, mouse, gamepad, touch screens and more…

Void Engine - Tutorial 4

I think my next Patreon tutorial will cover the fire sample I wrote for MonoGame, this will come under the Tutorial Access Light tier.

You can see the fire cube animated in my twitter post here.


This post is taking long than I thought, partly due to it being on a few techniques, but also down to me playing about with the paramter and having too much fun lol

I think I have found a better runtime flame palet too, what do you think?

Also did a quick namated tweet of it too, as this forum does not seem to let me add them here :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, got round to recording the visuals to this Patreon post :slight_smile: Hope you find it useful, I like all the fire techniques in here, and now thinking of doing a PoC level using one lol

Fire Tutorial

Starting work on the fifth engine creation tutorial using MonoGame, covering a fair bit in this one, it may look basic from the screen shot, but there is a lot going on under the hood :wink:

Still working on this turorial post, now able to render as many cameras as we want (remember, it’s a re render of the scene for each camera), this is 2 cameras.

So, if you have spotted this post on here, it looks like I may need to re think how the engine renders mesh’s due to possible changes to the MG engine post 3.8. So, that’s what I have been working on, means that the next engine desing post is going to be late, but better to get this stuff done now than have to worry about it later.

So, using the same render function I am rendering a cube, generated at runtime as well as the two models you see here. The goal here is to try and not have lots of functios doing pretty much the same job which is pushing verts to the GPU :slight_smile:

If you are interested in finding out more about the engine desing, and follow the tutorials, you can access them here.

OK, so, this next Patreon post regarding my Engine written with MonoGame is not going to be about Game Components, BaseModel, Cameras & Materials, as I intended, but how I have had to write a new custom content pipeline processor, works nice now though :smiley:

Check out my tweet showing the Miamo mesh and animation.

Finally, got round to publishing to my lovely Patrons the 5th tutorial post on my MonoGame engine development, this time covering the custom content pipeline I have written.

Void Engine - Tutorial 5

And now I have that out of the way, can now work on the next bit of my game engine written in MonoGaem, objects, primitive geom, materials and cameras :S I am easily pleased lol

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