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Nice that you got 3D animation working. Is it possible to have custom shaders with the animated model? What format of animation did you use? As far as I know mixamo gives you FBX models and animations right?

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Yes, in my old XNA engine, I have a custom shader for skinned mesh’s, they supported both skinned instancing and deferred lighting, and I intend to create the same thing within my new MG engine.

Mixamo you can donwload the FBX mesh (T model pose), FBX mesh with skin. I am going to set up my processor so that I can have it extract just the animation data from the fbx, I can then build a set of animation clips that can be put into a blend tree.

The animation code is based on the old XNA Skinned mesh example, so I guess it’s keyframe animation.

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I am hoping to do my post on the engine components, cameras and material system this weekend, got the post all written up, just needs me to spell check it and record the video bit showing off what we can now do with the engine :slight_smile:

Recorded and posted my 6 tutorial post on writing a game engine withe MonoGame. This is probably the biggest post so far with a short video showing the final render.

Void Engine - Tutorial 6

Hope you find it useful.

Still not perfect, but I think I am getting animation blending working in my game engine written with MonoGame :smiley:

Going from “Idle” to “Walking” then “Running” and back to “Idle”
As ever, the forum won’t let me post the gif, so here is a tweet I did with it in.

Now we have some framework in place in my engine, it’s time to look at 2D, once in place, we can look at UI. This image uses same 2 cameras in the 3D scene, but with basic 2D elements.
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A bit of progress this lunch with the 2D elements of my engine written with MonoGame.
Left camera attached to the sprite, right camera is static. Ship and it’s text is rendered with the cameras screen space matrix, the info text is rendered with the cameras overlay matrix.

Alas, you will need to see the gif on my twitter feed to see it in action.

Sprite animation and render is well under way now, lost to tidy up yet for the MonoGame engine Patreon post, but getting there. Created a key frame system similar to the skinned mesh animator. Might add to the extended content pipeline to import sprite sheet animations. You could have multiple animation clips for multiple sprites too.

Have a look at the twitter post I did with a gif showing the animation.

Just opened up a Patreon tutorial post on a refraction shadre to the public, if you like it and find it useful, then feel free to become a patron to get more of this sort of thing :slight_smile:

Check it out here.

Now working on the next engine post regarding the basics of SpriteBatch rendering.

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Finally got around to posting the 7th post on my Engine written with MonoGame, this post covers the 2D basics I have created, 4 ways to render our sprites as well as sprite sheet keyframe animation.

Patrons can check it out here.

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Started to work on a bit of Audio in the MonoGame engine I am writing. Sourcing audio from here, thanks to this awesome post by @EricMatyas.

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Another Patreon post regarding the engien I am writing in MonoGame, this post coveres the audio manager.

Check it out here.

OK, I have had a bit of a shit month, wont go into it all, but November has been filled with me job hunting. Thankfully I start my new role on Monday, so I have been able to get back into some hobby development.

Today, I have started to bring in all the components I have written so far and unified them under a GameBase class, I have also started work on the Coroutine framework, this means I will be able to run co routines just like Unity does :slight_smile: So, far it works well.

In this code snipet I am running a coroutine to change the color of a texture rendered to the screen, the color flips between white and red every 1 second.

As ever I can’t upload a gif, so have a look at it runnign on my twitter feed here.

As ever, if you would like to become a patron, then you can find my page here.

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A productive evening. My MonoGame engine now supports Cooutines, similar to Unity, it also can now use Roslyn to compile C# scripts, add them to components, and have those scripts run coroutines too :slight_smile:

Hope to have a Patreon post on it at the weekend

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C# Scripting & Coroutines

This post covers the Roslyn compiler I have added to the engine as well as the coroutne framework.

Void Engine - Tutorial 9

Double post weekend!

Another quick post and video covering the engines BaseGame class, how it brings the current components I have written together, Asset, Input, Audio, C# Scripting, and Coroutines. Next Ill be looking at Scene management, and then once we have that, we will start writing the scene editor :slight_smile: https://www.patreon.com/posts/44963508

I think this will do for tonight, scene is serialized, saved, then re loaded at a later date.

Getting there :slight_smile: Three cameras in this scene, each running a runtime compiled C# script, one for me to translate and rotate the top camera, the other two follow the top camera.

Bit of holiday engine code, my current Patreon post has me thinking about render pipelines, but I think I will get the scene management done and covered frist, then do render pipelines, then, work on the scene editor :slight_smile:

My god, I actually got around to making my first Patreon post of 2021… I have had a hectc few months… back on it now though :smiley:

This post covers the scene managemtn code I added to my engine back before Xmas.


Think I might add a few more bells and whistles before I move onto the creation of the scene editor :smiley:

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For the editor, but baking it into the engine too so it can be used in game if you want to, trying to make it easy to style too :slight_smile:

Having to re qork what I wrote the other week, had an idea, it didn’t pan out, but this is looking better now https://patreon.com/NemoKrad