UITableView not scrolling

I added iOS table view as popup on top of the game application but my touch event are not responded in that area I cant scroll and so on so how to add view on top of the game that can be active ?

There is a common suggestion i can give to many people as it solved 99% of my issues.
Try to reproduce the problem in a simple sample other people can download and try, most probably creating that sample will expose the problem to you. If it’s not like that then you can post it here and many people with even small free time can try to do some trial and error and help you…

Well the problem was that when adding view on top of the gameView obtained from MonogameServices you have to change the focus of the current view and make sure that you don’t draw anything on top of it !

@Eversor Well it’s a forums so I am free to ask, I saw a similar post here but the problem wasn’t solved even though the user provided simple sample/example,so I decided to ask more in general.The more topics about the problems we meet we have the less drama the newcomers will have :slight_smile:

Yeah, mine was just a suggestion as I seldomly have time to help people, when I do I come here and most of the reported problems lack the informations required. This requires a question & answer session that can go on for days.