Update() is calling more time than Draw()

I’m beginner with Monogame but I know how it works, or I think I know =).

In Game class, the method Update() and Draw are called successively:
Update() -> Draw() -> Update() -> Draw() _> …
Right ?

In my Program (my first “big” program) I noticed, in Game class, Update() method is called between 20 or 30 times before Draw() method.:

So I’m low in FPS, my program are freezing. Draw() is called every 220ms =’(

How I can fix that ? It’s possible to call Draw() Method after every Update() method ? or my code is bullshit maybe ^^ ?

Hello, as far as I know it is designed to be like that, no problem. Update is updating game logic & draw - just drawing stuff, there is a lot of information in the net. Also by default fps is limited, you can unlock it by removing FixedStep & VerticalSync.

So nothing to fix)) There is no need to call Draw every Update, it can cause some performance issues.

Tutorial GameLoop

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If you have no code in update and none in draw, then yes, it would call one then the other, but when you start putting code in the update, it will only call draw as and when it can. If you are finding that draw is not called enough then maybe you want to look at your update call and try to optimise it more.

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Thanks for your replies. I learned a little more about Monogame. I will try to optimise my Update Method and unlock my FPS.
Thanks @dryhfth for your links, I will read this.

By the way, I don’t think, it is necessary to unlock your fps unless you want more than 60 frames/sec, you can run your game 5000 fps, but you will not feel any difference))