Updating Monogame Projects to iOS9 and the Unified API


Having just been through the pain of updating a bunch of ‘legacy’ MonoGame projects to be iOS9 compatible and work with the Unified API I thought I’d write a blog post detailing the experience. Hopefully this will make the process somewhat easier for somebody!


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from someone which is also on a rural metered connection let me tell you that this blog post is heaven-sent :slight_smile:

(actually yesterday I went to the city just to upgrade to ‘El Capitan’ and xCode 7)

Nice post, very useful!

I hit the OpenAlSoundController problem too - good to see that that blocker is now gone. But something else I’ve found since this update went in: when I start my game, then call the handset running it, when the game resumes the sound effects no longer work!

Is this something you have encountered too, and if so, do you have a work-round?


Glad you both found the post useful!

I haven’t encountered that sound issue but I haven’t been able to test a call interrupt explicitly as I only have an iPad to test on at the moment. What I did notice is that with the latest build from develop the sounds are resuming after I hit the home button and return, whereas with the previous build I was using (MG3.2 I think) this was not operating correctly.