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Not MG related entirely but useful nonetheless…

Unsure if posted this already but it popped up as being updated two hours prior to me posting this here, so yay! it looks so good there!

Mention at:

You can also just read the transcript…

New mentions this week:

[A horrible blog site, Why on earth would your post title link back to the same damn page?]
MG 3.7 release related… [Because I couldn’t copy the title, lazy? maybe, but I am doing this for free…]

And another about the VITA side of MG…
Timespinner Vita Issues Acknowledged During Reddit AMA

In case I forgot to post this here:

Linking this in case it ever gets lost in future

Something handy for the community I suppose…

I have watched this a few times now [well watched once, listened a few times]

May give some of you some fresh ideas…

Though not MG related, I feel it is something that deserves to be included here:

They have a few others including Doom and Quake related… worth looking at…


Here’s another one

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WooHoo, interesting…


This might be handy for some of you:


Perhaps useful?

library documentation
XNA Game Studio 4.0

Writing Game Code

XNA Framework Class Library

Content Pipeline Class Library

For example:

Detecting Xbox 360 Controller Button Presses (Xbox 360, Windows)


How the Frostbite Engine Became a Nightmare for EA in General, and BioWare in Particular

I hope someone can start adding to this thread, it appears to be useful for many users, I am walking away for a while, sorry and thanks.

Unfortunately many XNA sites have gone down recently, If you know any, please do list them here and I can check to see if the wayback machine has cached them, er or you could also do that and link those sites…

The fonts we can still use I believe:

Special Thanks to @SimonDarksideJ

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Yup, the xna archive contains all the original xna documentation, education and samples, as well as a lot more, such as some of ziggware, dxa and more

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Can you link it in your post?

It’s listed above, but here it is again

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If I have not linked this here already: