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Perhaps useful?

library documentation
XNA Game Studio 4.0

Writing Game Code

XNA Framework Class Library

Content Pipeline Class Library

For example:

Detecting Xbox 360 Controller Button Presses (Xbox 360, Windows)


How the Frostbite Engine Became a Nightmare for EA in General, and BioWare in Particular

I hope someone can start adding to this thread, it appears to be useful for many users, I am walking away for a while, sorry and thanks.

Unfortunately many XNA sites have gone down recently, If you know any, please do list them here and I can check to see if the wayback machine has cached them, er or you could also do that and link those sites…

The fonts we can still use I believe:

Special Thanks to @SimonDarksideJ

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Yup, the xna archive contains all the original xna documentation, education and samples, as well as a lot more, such as some of ziggware, dxa and more

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Can you link it in your post?

It’s listed above, but here it is again

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If I have not linked this here already:

Came across this channel and thought everyone on here may find it useful.

Unsure if already posted this in here, wish there was a way to search a thread post, either way, wanted to add this here either way.

I believe there is… Search-button on the top-right next to your image and the burger-button.
Then tick the ‘search this topic’ checkbox. Voila.

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AH, no way, more than 3 years here and never ever done a search while in a post lol THANK YOU! :pray:


I suppose being partially blind doesn’t help either lol

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Always glad to be of service :smiley:

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This was so cool i have to post it somewere lol.

I found this snippet below.
When trying to figure out how to do a compile time type inference on another instance and store it. When within a derived class that is inheriting from a abstract base. Which meant the former had to take a unknown generic type and hold it at compile time while still acting like a proper derivitive of the abstract base. So that it could still be a child or parent node of any other type that derived from the abstract type or act as one itself.
Crazy anyways.

This helped a lot.

// infer type without reflection.
public static class TargetTypeInferenceExtension
    public class TargetType<T>
        public T Target { get; set; }
        public TargetType(T wrappedInstance)
            Target = wrappedInstance;
    public static TargetType<T> GetTarget<T>(this T itemInstance)
        return Create(itemInstance);
    private static TargetType<T> Create<T>(T itemInstance)
        return new TargetType<T>(itemInstance);

Thanks to joe.

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Not MonoGame-based, but I found this tool excellent. It allows you to detect in compile time all kinds of boxing and memory allocations.

I haven’t been able to make it work with VS2017, but works very well with VS2019.


Adding this here as I really need somewhere to find that 16 player video


Something that some may find useful:







Seems Riemers is having database connection issues, since December or so.

You can access archives of it here:


Another not MG specific but useful none-the-less:

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