Vertex Shader Tex2D Support/Bug

So, I am pretty sure this is unsupported, with concern to

But, has anyone found work arounds for this? I want to use the tex2D (or tex2Dlod) function inside my vertex shader. I want to construct a gpu based particle very similar to this system

The basic idea is to store the position of each particle within a pixel on a large texture, and feed that into the vertex shader. It doesn’t matter so much the particle system, the real concern is being able to sample a texture from the vertex shader. I have some super basic test code…

sampler DataSampler : register(s0) {
	Texture = (DataSampler);
	magfilter = LINEAR;
	minfilter = LINEAR;
	mipfilter = LINEAR;
	AddressU = clamp;
	AddressV = clamp;

struct VS_INPUT {
	float4 Position : SV_POSITION0;
struct PS_INPUT {
	float4 Position : SV_POSITION;

//------------------------ VERTEX SHADER ---------------------------------------
PS_INPUT VertexShaderFunction(VS_INPUT input)
	PS_INPUT output;
	output.Position = tex2Dlod(DataSampler, float4(0, 0, 0, 0));

	return output;

//------------------------ PIXEL SHADER ----------------------------------------
float4 PixelShaderFunction(PS_INPUT input) : SV_TARGET0
	float4 output = float4(1,1,1,1);
	return output;

//-------------------------- TECHNIQUES ----------------------------------------
technique Tech
	pass OnlyPass

		VertexShader = compile vs_4_0_level_9_1 VertexShaderFunction();
		PixelShader = compile ps_4_0_level_9_1 PixelShaderFunction();

When I pass it through MGFX with /Profile:DirectX_11 I get this error…
Particle_Render.fx(1,9): error X4509: maximum sampler register index exceeded, target has 0 slots, manual bind to slot s0 failed

Have I done something incorrectly, or is this still simply not supported in mojoshader? Please excuse the question if its been asked before, but I couldn’t find a conclusive answer to the problem.


It’s not supported in 4_9_1.

If you are using directX you can straight up go to 4_0 or 5_0, on OpenGL 4 9 3 should do the trick

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Fantastic. Thanks!
…can’t believe I didn’t think to just try bumping the version up. Ah well, such is life.

Yes, 4_0 got rid of my compiler error.

Vertex textures are not yet implemented for OpenGL.

interesting, that’s a pretty major thing to remember